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    Amy Winehouse had a life just like those 100 people in Oslo did, and by rights deserves the same respect that they will receive, but I feel that people do not have their priorities straight. I feel that our generation are more concerned with what the celebrities latest diet is rather than politics and world affairs which will, ultimately affect us more! I blame the media as well for the idolization of crackhead singers and stick thin models. Certain newspapers would rather give more pages to the untimely death of a drug addict than to victims of a horrific and vicious attack! It's all wrong, we all need to sort it out. There are bigger issues in this world than a celebrity death and if we all shifted our focus, just slightly, we may wake up and see this, but for now, I fear nothing will change and the next idiotic star death will shock us all over again, and other, more important things will undoubtedly be overlooked. That is truly a shame.
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Amy Winehouse Tattoo for Fred Perry

Trend Amy Winehouse Tattoo

    Horse shoe and “Daddy’s Girl” tattoos on Amy Winehouse's left arm.
    Her ankh tattoo is blended with the drawing of an American eagle piercing its eyes on it located on her shoulder blade. A name “Blake” is printed just above her heart, and she has also 2 red hearts etched on top of the pin-up girls’ tattoo. Her list of incredible Amy Winehouse tattoos also shows a 2nd pin-up girl on her arm with a large fan that covers her body. Inside her right arm, the sketch of a bird with flowers and small tree branches as well as music notes that read “never clip my wings” can be found.

    Aside from that, her popular Amy Winehouse tattoos also have an image of a horse shoe bearing words that read “Daddy’s Girl” on her left arm. Amy has constantly revealed in public that she admits being hooked on lovely tattoos to be inked on her body. She claims that she is a lover of pin-up girls, and explains that she easily gets bored on staring at her own collection of Amy Winehouse tattoos that is why she keeps on adding more tattoos printed on her body.
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Sakaw Tattoo Amy Winehouse

    So video emerged yesterday of fan-filmed footage from one of Amy Winehouse's recent comeback shows that took place in Belgrade. In the various videos, to the surprise of absolutely no one, Winehouse appears to be completely fucking blitz. Whether she was high on some form of drug or just had a skinful of booze, she was clearly in no fit shape to performing on stage in front of paying customers. At one point during the track "Valerie," she drags over a backing singer to do lead vocals because she physically can't get he words out. She looks like she's suffering a mild stroke at times and I can honestly say that no footage of a live gig has ever made me feel so uncomfortable. Let's not forget that just a few years ago this woman was on top of the world, her albums were selling like hot cakes, her singles were topping charts globally and she was kick-starting a new craze in pop music that would bring us the likes of Adele and Duffy. Now she's a punchline, and an embarrassing one at that. Rumours of a comeback album keep rearing their ugly head but until she proves she can get some work done without having time in rehab in between recording sessions, I cannot for the live of me see why any record producer or tour promoter would want to work with her.

    Just by looking at some of the venues she's been playing on this supposed "comeback tour," it's pretty clear that her stock has fallen drastically over the last few years in the wake of her bizarre antics and downright disturbing drug and alcohol binges. It's something of a modern miracle that the women is even still alive when you watch some of the clips from this weekend's shows and in many ways what has happened to her is a real shame because there's was no denying she was a talent. But in 2011? Fuck, even TMZ and Perez Hilton are bored with talking about this bitch, and so am I, so let's move on before I throw up.
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