Trend Amy Winehouse Tattoo

    Horse shoe and “Daddy’s Girl” tattoos on Amy Winehouse's left arm.
    Her ankh tattoo is blended with the drawing of an American eagle piercing its eyes on it located on her shoulder blade. A name “Blake” is printed just above her heart, and she has also 2 red hearts etched on top of the pin-up girls’ tattoo. Her list of incredible Amy Winehouse tattoos also shows a 2nd pin-up girl on her arm with a large fan that covers her body. Inside her right arm, the sketch of a bird with flowers and small tree branches as well as music notes that read “never clip my wings” can be found.

    Aside from that, her popular Amy Winehouse tattoos also have an image of a horse shoe bearing words that read “Daddy’s Girl” on her left arm. Amy has constantly revealed in public that she admits being hooked on lovely tattoos to be inked on her body. She claims that she is a lover of pin-up girls, and explains that she easily gets bored on staring at her own collection of Amy Winehouse tattoos that is why she keeps on adding more tattoos printed on her body.
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