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Happy Christmas Train and Tree Layout

    Have you been by Custom Crops this week? Several of the designer have new files posted. All of the new files now post on Monday mornings so I will admit that CC is one of my Monday stops. I love to see what everyone has created.

    One of my latest CC designs is a double page layout using Christmas Noel and Plantin Schoolbook and features this amazing tree and train. I am very pleased with how this layout came out.

    In addition to the train, which is just stinkin' cute, I am really impressed with the tree ornaments on Christmas Noel. I especially like the long ornament which is detailed. I was afraid that my cricut would not do well with the small details but I put in a new blade and it went smoothly. There is a lot to be said for a shape blade and a new mat in the world of cricutting!

    Click on the Custom Crops blinkie to the left and you will find the article which includes directions and the cut file for this project listed under my name. Enjoy!!Source URL:
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Flavor of the Month. . . .A Tribute to John Hughes

    Sixteen Candles came out my freshman year in high school. The movie spoke to me. I just knew there was hope for me yet. (Although, I would draw the line at giving my panties to a geek.)

    It would go like this....My sophomore year, Jake Ryan (complete with Porsche) would see through the frizzy hair, the pigeon toes, the overall geekiness and fall totally, completely in love.

    Yeah, right.

    We rented Sixteen Candles a few weeks ago. Remember that last scene? That was the height of romance in my eyes as a teenager...wearing a fancy dress, sitting on a glass top table, huge cake in the middle, Jake leaning in for a kiss.

    Watching it this time, my thoughts were:
    1. I wonder how thick that glass is? My butt would definitely crack that table.
    2. Leaning over those candles is really dangerous! What if their clothes had caught on fire?!?
    So, maybe I've grown up a little. When I became a parent, the more I saw genius in John Hughes' Mr. Mom. :)

    But, still, no one captured teenagers in the 80's like John Hughes. The man had a gift for capturing our generation...the geeks, the snobs, the weirdos, the jocks, the wanna-be's...and then there's Ferris. :) Bueller, Bueller?

    I couldn't resist a little Pretty in Pink!

    Pretty in Pink Krispies

    (these are better the day after making them!)

    3 TBSP unsalted butter
    1 pkg (10 oz.) marshmallows
    1/2 tsp salt
    1 tsp vanilla bean paste
    AmeriColor Deep Pink food coloring
    6 c Rice Krispies

    Lightly grease an 11 x 7" pan.

    In a large saucepan, combine the butter, marshmallows and salt over low heat. Cook, stirring frequently, until melted and smooth. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla bean paste and food coloring.

    Add the cereal, stirring until completely coated, making sure to stir up the marshmallow mixture from the bottom.

    Lightly grease or butter hands and press mixture into the prepared pan. Allow to cool to room temperature before cutting.

    Alright guys, whatcha got? Was this month too weird of a theme? Link up here! {Linky will close the evening of October 1st.}

    Flavor-of-the-Month October Edition......PUMPKIN!!!
    Anyone and everyone is welcome to join!

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i ♥ movies. & my tickets collections this year.

    i ♥ watching movies. on DVD or cinema, does not matter at all.
    this is a common hobby that i do without realizing that doing often could caused empty wallet. lol.
    some of the tickets are from Indonesia (my home country) which i went everytime i had holiday off from my university.
    some are from Thailand because i went there quite sometime whenever i have short term holiday. but most of the tickets are from GSC in Penang, Malaysia because i moved here to finish my university.

    the seats that took most of the time are The Twin Seat.
    which most of the time costs RM24 (Rp.66rb) for both person. (i always went with my BF).
    sometimes i brought along Kinder Joy Chocolate from the snack corner outside of the cinema, sometimes i also bought little snacks from the cinema food stand but ONLY sometimes.
    I don't spend much money on snacks from Penang Cinema because honestly they are NOTHING interesting to buy.
    In Indonesia i would have buy Nachos with Extra Cheese or in Thailand i would have buy Butter Cheese Popcorn, but in Penang there aren't anything much at all. :[

    since i'm bored, i'm going to list some of the movies i have watched this year.
    (in no partical order or sequences of the dates).

    1. Halloween
    2. Bangkok Dangerous
    3. Outlander
    4. Underworld 3
    5. He's just not that into you
    6. 21 (nice movie ^^)
    7. Bedtime Stories
    8. Push
    9. Knowing (my BF hated it)
    10. Australia
    11. Ghosts of girlfriends past
    12. The Final Destination 3
    13. Dragonball Evolution
    14. Fast & Furious 4
    15. G.I Joe : Rise of the Cobra
    16. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (WOW)
    17. The Spirit
    18. I Love You, Beth Cooper
    19. Madagascar Escape 2 (i always lovee the penguins, they are the funniest!)
    20. Inkheart
    21. The X Files
    22. Deep In The Jungle
    23. Bolt
    24. Quantum of Solace (YEAAHH!!)
    25. My Best Friends Girlfriend
    26. Drag Me To Hell (one of my fav thriller movie this year)
    27. The Uninvited (best thriller movie i watched this year!)
    28. Changeling (oh so touching, i wish she ever found her son back)
    29. Street Fighter : Chun Li
    30. The Proposal
    31. The Strangers
    32. Coming Soon
    33. District 9 (WOW this movie is very different, me & my BF love it)
    34. Up
    35. Seven Pounds
    36. Valkyrie
    37. Imagine That
    38. Public Enemies (my fav movie this year. total awesome!)
    39. Eagle Eye (this could be my BF's fav movie this year)
    40. Star Trek
    41. Blood : The Last Vampire (plaiin & boring)
    42. Max Payne (wow dominated by hot girls, i really like it)
    43. Twilight (of courseeeeeeee my fav!!)
    44. Ugly Truth
    45. Journey to the centre of the Earth
    46. Obsessed
    47. 17 Again (zac efron is overrated, he's not that hot, really)
    48. A Perfect Getaway
    49. G-Force (i dont know, i found it boring -.-)
    50. X-Men Origins
    51. Tropic Thunder
    52. Ong Bak 2
    53. The Transporter (Jason Statham is a total hottie!)
    1. Transformer 2 (overrated.. lol)
    2. Night At The Museum
    3. Harry Potter 6 (of course, i'm a fan)
    Cathay Cineplex, Komtar
    1. The Orphan
    Bintaro 21, Indonesia
    1. Narnia
    2. Iron Man (overrateed)
    3. Get Married (lucuuu hahaa)
    4. Ayat-Ayat Cinta
    5. Virgin 2 (hmmm..)
    6. Beowuld
    7. Laskar Pelangi
    8. Radit & Jani (my fav indonesians movie ever!!)
    Pondok Indah 21, Indonesia
    1. Speed Racer
    2. National Treasures 2
    3. Pantastic 4
    4. Pulau Hantu
    Pondok Indah XXI, Indonesia
    1. Water Horse
    2. Horton Hears a Who (quite funny)
    3. Stardust
    4. Harry Potter 5 (of coursee!)
    SFX Chaengwattana, Bangkok, Thailand
    1. (a thai movie.. can't type here)
    Paragon Cineplex, Bangkok, Thailand
    1. Day The Earth Stood Still
    2. Body Lies (leonardo dicaprio is the best actor out there, he magically turn the movie to be good)
    so i guess that's all the tickets i got. i actually watch more than the lists here because some of the tickets are taken by my BF & my friends. xD

    poll.. what's your fav movie this year???? ♥♥Source URL:
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Meet Amelie

    Meet Amelie !

    Amelie @ CoverModels Management (Ottawa)

    It's already very soon October. The days are shorter, no sunny sky and a cold atmosphere.Well, the winter is in front of our doors. He brought us some promising new faces, like, Amelie. Amelie is the newest discovery of our Canadian boutique agency, CoverModels Management. After only 24 hours signed the beauty already a contract with Giovanni Models in Montreal and Toronto.From the first seconds is my impression of her huge. She has the certainly special look without any doubt. Amelie has an impressive facial expression, very fresh and playful with a touch of cuteness and a touch of uniqueness. A pale skin, two piercing eyes and a well formed face. The young canadian beauty is 16 years old and has a height of simply perfect 177 centimeters (82-60-86). Take a look at her promising two single polaroids and write Amelie's name down.
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New Yorkers for Children

    Alban Elfed September 24, 2009

    Posted by 68thandpark in Events.

    Tinsley MortimerTinsley Mortimer

    Coralie Charriol PaulCoralie Charriol Paul

    Hilary RhodaHilary Rhoda

    Wendi Murdoch and Kelly SugarmanWendi Murdoch and Kelly Behun Sugarman

    Julie MackloweJulie Macklowe

    Ulla ParkerUlla Parker

    Annelise PetersonAnnelise Peterson

    Olivia ChantecailleOlivia Chantecaille Grady

    Stephanie Winston WolkoffStephanie Winston Wolkoff

    Amanda Cutter BrooksAmanda Cutter Brooks

    Jessica SeinfeldJessica Seinfeld

    Cristina Greeven CuomoCristina Greeven Cuomo

    Nina Rennert DavidsonNina Rennert Davidson

    Marina Rust Connor, Tory Burch, and Brooke NeidichMarina Rust Connor, Tory Burch, and Brooke Neidich

    Lesley SchulhofLesley Schulhof

    Helen Lee SchifterHelen Lee Schifter

    Anisha Lakhani and Maggie RizerAnisha Lakhani and Maggie Rizer

    Lydia FenetLydia Fenet

    Zani GugelmannZani Gugelmann

    Juliet de Baubigny and B.J. BlumJuliet de Baubigny and B.J. Blum

    Lucy Sykes Rellie and Euan RellieLucy Sykes Rellie and Euan Rellie

    Caryn Nathanson Zucker and Jeff ZuckerCaryn Nathanson Zucker and Jeff Zucker

    Gillian Hearst SimondsGillian Hearst Simonds

    Jamie JohnsonJamie Johnson

    Austin Bryan and Kiki PrzybyloAustin Bryan and Kiki Przybylo

    Vanessa Von BismarckVanessa Von Bismarck

    New Yorkers for Children, arguably the most beloved charity of Park Avenue’s enthroned princesses, celebrated their tenth annual autumnal fundraiser at Cipriani 42nd Street. To mark the special occasion, Gloria Vanderbilt’s son Anderson Cooper acted as M.C. at the “Make It Happen”-themed affair, which featured the musical guestmanship of Ne-Yo and the support of Tinsley Mortimer, Wendi Murdoch, and Tory Burch. The children’s charity raised nearly $1.5 million that evening.

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