United States Projects: Micro Financing Grants for Artists

    Hey everyone, I am back! For a short while at least. I have been in the Midwest, doing readings and events for my book. I have some great opportunities to post soon, either later today or later this week. Sorry I have been out of touch. It’s been an exhausting month with no mental space left for my blog.

    More later....for now, I just wanted you to check out this other Kickstarter like micro-finance site for artists called USA Projects, sponsored by unitedstatesartists.org. The only catch is you have to already be recognized as a grant-winning artist in some way, which leaves out a bunch of you. You have to have gotten some kind of major award (like a Guggenheim, a Pollack-Krasner grant or even a smaller award like a Puffin Foundation award). That said, I think that donations tend to be larger and they also provide matching grant possibilities for each project. Check them out and I'll be back soon with some deadines: http://www.unitedstatesartists.org/help/faq

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