Residency Testimonials & Pics from Mira's List Fans!

    Hi Everyone, Today I just wanted to share with you a handful of pictures and comments by artists who found residencies on Mira’s List. If you have any photos (no larger than 400 kb) and would like me to post one or two from your residency or the work you did at a residency you found on my blog, please send them to me:, along with a brief statement about your time there. Also include a link to your website if you have one. Thanks!

    Enjoy, Mirabee

    From composer and sound artist Charlie Williams:

    Here is a picture of me at Arteles Creative Center in the remote Finnish woods. I am doing sound recording in the forest for some computer-interactive documentation of sound and space with a photographer I met there. Another thing I did at the residency was write one song every day with fellow resident Emma Hooper, based on a different Wikipedia article. Those are up at

    Massachusetts artist,
    Julie Lapping River:

    Hi Mira, I would love to share how wonderful our experience was at the
    Soaring Gardens residency in rural Pennsylvania two summers ago, which we discovered on your blog. We were provided with a gorgeous studio and living accommodations next door in a lovely older home with beautiful grounds. We applied as a group of three artists working collectively and had a fruitful, inspiring and rewarding three weeks. The best ever!!! The three of us, Diane Travis, BZ Reily and I (Julie Lapping Rivera) began a true collaboration from that point forward. I am attaching a pic. Thank you Mira!

    Hi Mira! I just wrapped up my third residency of 2011, two of which I discovered through Mira's List. Thanks so much for all you do; couldn't be more thrilled for your success with "The Memory Palace" :)

    The snowy picture was taken when I was a writer in residence at ISLAND Hill House. In northern Michigan, on days when I'd see the thermometer rise above 0 and celebrate the warmer weather, I met the inspiration for my second book. The story is here:
    The second of the Reading Room at the American Antiquarian Society, where as an artist in residence I studied broadsides from the American Revolution. This was the daily view from my office. Here, I wrote about balancing the book I began at ISLAND Hill House with studying an entirely different topic:

    Artist, Sara Everett:
    Hello Mira!

    In November of 2010 I was lucky enough to get to go to the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT, USA "the land where painting all day every day is the rule, not the exception. The oasis where every meal is served with artists & writers to dine with galore." Which I applied to after following a link on your blog. I have changed the course of my life because of it and now try to live as close to a residency lifestyle as I can!

    Thanks for your wonderful work,

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