New Artist Residencies in Ghana and Mexico

    Hey are a couple new things that just came my way. I THINK that this first one is in Ghana but they didn't tell me. If you run a residency somewhere and send me info about it....make sure you tell me what country it's in, okay? Just a thought! Thanks!'s number one...number two is below.

    Community Arts Project Residency CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

    (in Ghana? Your guess is as good as mine. :-))

    Nka Foundation invites submissions of creative projects throughout the year that in some way involve the communities we serve. Our Community Arts Project Residency is a part of our ongoing projects of tapping local resources for sustainable human capital development through a focus on the arts. Thus, we have an open door to the multiplicity of expressions in the arts that connect international contemporary practices with the local communities we serve. Artistic persons or teams in diverse fields of the arts (visual, theatre, music, literary, film/new media, arts education, arts therapy, philosophy, cultural history, etc), and intersections of the arts with architecture (arts+architecture) and engineering (arts+engineering) are all welcome to apply for residency at our Arts Village. Length of project residencies varies from a few weeks to several months, according to project.

    Often, we collaborate with other organizations and schools, and host a collective project in our Arts Village. The cross-cultural collaboration may be in form of rural community service project, community arts research, or a workshop-residency, whereby the project starts with a workshop session or course session led by one or more experts in the discipline. The interactive session would be followed by independent projects. All these culminate in an exhibition/community day, or other means of project documentation and dissemination in evidence-based society.

    COSTS: Join us! Cost of food and accommodation is affordable. Food is by cooperative kitchen in which we all work together in sharing the planning, cost, shopping and cooking; the estimate is $7-9/day per person. We provide accommodation at an Arts Village setting - to defray program costs we welcome donations from participant’s sponsors at $90 / €71 / £62 per week, or pay what you can. The international participants are responsible for own return air ticket, and other personal costs. If proposing / initiating a project, you will have to raise the funds for that.

    DEADLINE: Ongoing but apply 1 month in advance of residency.

    APPLICATION: To apply, e-mail detail on what your plan to accomplish with us, your CV, and examples of your work to For detail our projects go to

    (ARTISTS AND WRITERS) Artist Residency for Visual Artists and Writers in Mexico—The Residency is located in Central part of Mexico. South from the City of Guadalajara/ "Lake Chapala" Jalisco.

    Contact info:

    Website linked:

    Dates of Application:

    September 5th first Application 2011 ( Of two to four week period)

    September 12th second Application for October 2011 (Of two to fourth week period)

    Tabachines Artist Residency is created for the purpose of having international artists come and enjoy a peaceful, beautiful and relaxing space to do their artwork. Exchange their culture and enrich their own by having and sharing what Mexico has to offer them in terms of Art, Food, and the possibility of meeting other visual artists from Mexico. The Residency also offers this to writers and poets as well.

    Transportation, food, room and board, studio space, internet and a museum, studio visits and historical tour is included in the price. The cost depends on the period of time you would like to stay. Cost for two weeks is $1,500 dollars, for three weeks is $2,000 dollars and for the whole month is $2,250 dollars. We offer residencies to two artist at at time. Be sure to make in advance reservation.

    ***message from you know, I try to mostly offer opportunities that are FREE or that offer financial aid. But this place is new and does not have sponsorship at the moment. It is still not a bad deal if you think you can swing it financially or get some grant funding to help pay for the trip. I am posting it because a friend of mine (a sculptor) recently went there and had a wonderful and productive time.

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