Miss Universe Canada 2011 Contestant - Tanya Prasad's Photo & Profile/Biography

    Name: Tanya Prasad

    Age: 25 | Height: 5’8″ | Vancouver, BC

    Tanya Amrita Prasad was born and raised in Vancouver B.C. She is the oldest of three children and blessed to have the most amazing parents in the world. Tanya’s favorite thing to do is to watch her little brother play hockey.

    Going to her brother’s games inspires her, because she sees such young boys and girls put all their heart and effort into each and every game, even if they don’t win they show such excellent sportsmanship and they always keep a positive attitude.

    She learned that you can’t always win everything in life, but you learn from all you experiences, and from what she has learned so far in life she realized that you should never have any regrets and that everything happens for a reason; hens her participation in the Miss Universe Canada pageant.

    Tanya was recently inspired by her younger sister, that life is too short and if we don’t pursue our dreams we have no one but ourselves to blame; therefore she strongly believe that we never know what may happen to us tomorrow, so live your life the way you want and have no regrets, because only you can stand in the way of your dreams.

    Sponsored by: Family and Friends.

    Languages spoken Fluently (please include your native language if English is not your native language)

    - English and Hindi

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