Jennifer Aniston’s 10 Hairstyles in 2011 Spring and Summer

    As one of the actors and directors in America, Jennifer Aniston is productive and is known by the public all around the world. She is one of my favorite stars. The one that she acted in the TV series which named “Friends”made her winning a lot of fans. Of course, Jennifer has been an actor for a long time, and her skill and professionalism are praised by other celebrities.
    One reason why I love her so much is her hair – a blonde hair with natural feeing. Jennifer has different hairstyles in different movies or TV series. If you also like her, join me to enjoy the different hairstyles of Jennifer Aniston.
    Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 01
    Jennifer Aniston changes her hair color into a bright blonde. Her new hair color contains the mixture of vanilla and cream blonde, and this color of hair decorates her face in a perfect way.
    Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 02
    Jennifer looks very beautiful on the publicity of her perfume at Harrods, London. It is easy for women to follow that hairstyle at home. You can blow your hair with a large round comb from each side and bends the end of hair into curls, and finally you will have the same hairstyle like Jennifer.
    Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 03
    This hairstyle of Jennifer appears on the conference of her new movie“The Bounty Hunter”and she is shining at that night. The color of her hair likes pure honey, the toffee blonde bring people a feeling of summer, as well as the glamorous beauty of her face.
    Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 04
    Jennifer Aniston ‘s hair is the top wanted hair in hair salons, for her hairstyle is so sexy, the blonde color of her hair looks so charming and it releases lots of glam to men, as well as women.
    Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 05
    The signature of Jennifer makes her looks fashionable to some extent. You can also make this hairstyle at home by using blow drier.
    Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 06
    Gloss and smooth hair is another signature of Jennifer hairstyle. The beautiful blonde hair color and the touching smile are her classical signature in people’s eyes.
    Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 07
    The layered hair color not only adds the length of the hair, but also enhances Jennifer with some elegance. Apart from the center, her hair is smooth put at the front of the shoulders.
    Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 08
    This stunning hairstyle is also easy for women to follow. Use a round comb while drying your hair, then curls the hair on each side, finally sprays the surface of your hair with spray, and you will have the same effect with Jennifer.
    Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 09
    Jennifer’s simple and natural blonde color of hair releases glam and attractiveness to people.
    Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 10
    Jennifer Aniston remains her simple hairstyle. The braided hair on the front of her head leaves people a feeling of casualty.
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